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Uthe Technology, Inc.
Scotch Road
Mercer County Airport
Trenton, NJ 08628

Sales & Service
phone (267) 261-3249

Fax      (609) 406-7071


Worldwide Listings







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Ceramics and Ultrasonics
Description: C:\FILES\uthe\web\original\small_green_circ.gifThe use of a CERAMIC resonator, such as ALU Oxide or Silicon Carbide makes it possible to design high frequency transducers for wire bonding with the same power as lower frequency transducers. The CERAMIC 138, when clamped with tool, becomes 135 kHz. Its also unique in that it has a second frequency of 97. Used in tandem, the 97/135 produced additional improvements in the quality of bonds.

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The Benefits to the Precision Manufacturer
Description: C:\FILES\uthe\web\original\small_green_circ.gifThe CERAMIC advantage is superior sound, speed, and a surface finish that is without the voids found in metals. Since the introduction of Ceramically Enhanced Wire Bonding Transducers thousands of transducers have been sold.

Description: C:\FILES\uthe\web\original\small_green_circ.gifThe CERAMIC 138 resident anti-resident differential is the best in the marketplace. Impedance levels of 10-15 are standard for the CERAMIC 138 and have never been duplicated by metal stacking.

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Description: C:\FILES\uthe\web\original\small_green_circ.gifSee how Uthe's dual frequency, ceramically enhanced approach provides more power and control for precise bonding requirements. If your organization is still using stacked metal configurations, the time is now to upgrade to Uthe's ceramically enhanced method.

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Uthe is the Market Leader

Description: C:\FILES\uthe\web\original\small_green_circ.gifSince 1966, Uthe Technology has been the acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of ultrasonic generators and transducers for ultrasonic and thermosonic wire bonders. With over 60,000 units installed worldwide, Uthe has supplied the Semiconductor industry with more generators and transducers than all other manufacturers combined.

Uthe Customers
Description: C:\FILES\uthe\web\original\small_green_circ.gifConsist of more than 500 different end-users of the company's ultrasonic power supplies and transducers. In addition, 90 percent of the company's OEM sales were made to a number of bonding machine manufacturers including ASM International; F & K Delvotec S.A.; Dias Automation Ltd.; Marpet Industries, Inc.; Hybond, Inc.; SMH (Taiwan); ESEC; Mitsubishi, Hesse and Knipps, and many other equipment manufacturers.
Other customers include captive semiconductor manufacturers who produce bonding machines for their own use or for resale, such as General Motors, Philips, Hitachi, IBM, Texas Instruments, and Toshiba.

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